What is a Code 19 Error on my Computer?

code 19 error regcureComputers suffer from all sorts of errors including a code 19 error.  This can be very confusing and frustrating for anyone using them.  Because we all use computers on a daily basis they are relied on far too much.  We use our computers to do absolutely everything which causes all sorts of problems. computers aren't always reliable and they quite often break.  If a computer does break then it often leaves us unable to do our job and can be very stressful.  Computers will let you know what's happening by giving you an error code like the code 19 error which commonly affects computers.

Understanding the Code 19 Error

Your computer is trying to be helpful by giving you an error code. The problem is that nobody understands all of these error codes because there are so many of them. It is impossible to remember what a code 19 error actually means and that's why you need to look them up on the Internet. A code 19 error essentially means you have a problem with a subkey in your registry. Basically the information configured to support a piece of your hardware is either incomplete or damaged. Sometimes this happens when you have two different sets of instructions for the same device, and sometimes because it can't find the driver for this device. If you have the technical expertise and can identify that the driver is the problem you may be able to fix it yourself. Simply uninstall the bad driver with the device manager. Then have windows scan for new hardware and reinstall the driver. This should only be done by an experienced tech savvy user because the registry is a very dangerous place to make changes if you don't know what you are doing. A much easier and safer way to fix a code 19 error is to use one of the top registry cleaners that I have reviewed on this site.

As soon as most people see error codes on their computer they will panic because they are so confusing. Unfortunately you will come across lots of different error codes when you use your computer on a regular basis. The codes used seem like they are not important and rather than helping you to resolve the problem actually seem to make it worse. They are either warning you about a software or hardware failure but it's never clear which. Most computers use Windows and this has more than its fair share of error codes, all of which can affect your computer.

There are actually three different types of error codes which can affect your computer. Most of the error codes that you will ever experience fall into these categories. We will take some time to look at the various categories and exactly what they mean.

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Hardware Codes

These are very serious error codes and can be very worrying. Even if you have ensured that you are free from viruses and spy ware you can still suffer from hardware errors. The dangerous thing is that due to a hardware error it's possible to lose everything from your computer fairly easily. The blue screen of death is normally a warning for a hardware error. If you believe that your computer may be suffering from a hardware error then it's vital that you back everything up before continuing in case the worst does happen. More often than not the data on your computer is much more valuable than the hardware itself.

Operating System Errors

These are another type of error code which can be equally as worrying. These can show that your operating system has a serious problem which needs immediate attention. These errors could be triggered by settings, corrupted files or problems with the registry. Your computer is very complex and even small changes can cause errors which need to be fixed.

Program Errors

You might also notice errors appearing when you try to open certain applications and programs. These aren't that worrying although they can be very frustrating. It could show that your computer is not compatible with this application or that there are corrupt files. You can normally fix these errors by updating the software or reinstalling it again.

Although it might seem tempting it's important that you don't just ignore error codes on your computer. They all mean something and it's a good idea that you pay attention to them all.


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