Why Your Computer Screen Freezes and How to Fix It

computer screen freezesAlmost every Windows user has to deal with unexpected computer screen freezes while working on a PC. The system freezes can occur anytime and may force you to reboot your PC. Though pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination is the best option that can save you from losing your work, but it may also not work at times. When you press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together, it displays the Task Manager window where you can browse through the available program list and select the non-responding program. Next, you click the End Task button to close that application. Once the application is closed, your system may start working normally.

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Causes and Ways to Prevent System Freezes

Let’s now look at some of the common causes of computer screen freezes and the ways to deal with them:

• Incompatible system applications

The computer screen freezes may occur due to an incompatible system application. To avoid this, you must install the compatible version of applications on your PC.  For example you may not be able to install a program developed for Windows XP on a system that runs Windows 7.

• Failure to meet minimum system requirements

You must ensure that you meet different minimum system requirements with different versions of Windows operating systems. If you are using a heavy OS on your PC, you must have more system resources dedicated to run it. For example, to run Windows XP OS, you need to have 300 MHz processor, 1.5 GB disk space, CD-ROM or DVD Drive, and SVGA (800x600) resolution video monitor and adaptor. The failure to meet any of these requirements may cause frequent computer screen freezes.  Different operating systems have different requirements.  Check your original documentation to ensure you have adequate system resources.  

• Incompatible hardware devices

The system freezes may also occur if you use incompatible hardware devices such as mouse and keyboard, which are not compatible with your OS. Your system consumes lots of memory while running heavy applications. This may result in memory conflicts between different applications as well as the OS. This may also affect the processing speed of your system and cause frequent system freezes. If you want to avoid this situation, you must use compatible hardware devices on your PC that are approved for use with your particular version of Windows.

computer screen freezes

• Lack of free disk space

When you use various applications and third-party software, lots of information, including setup files, downloadable program files, and offline web pages keep adding to the Temp folder of your computer. If you have a smaller hard disk and restricted space to store the temporary files, you may experience frequent system freezes. However, it is possible to delete the unwanted information by using the system utilities such as Disk Cleanup.  You can access Disk Cleanup utility by opening Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Cleanup. This utility allows you to empty your Recycle Bin as well as compress old files. To access this utility on Windows XP, you need to select open the Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Cleanup.

• Corrupt registry

System errors and freezes can also occur due to a damaged registry of your PC. Over time, many unwanted and obsolete entries keep adding to its registry. This can be prevented by using reliable top registry cleaner software to clean and repair the registry errors.

Computer screen freezes and errors occur due to multiple reasons such as low memory and disk space, incompatible hardware, bad sectors, and a damaged registry. But you can prevent the frequent system freezes if you regularly scan the hard disk of your system and its registry. You must remove obsolete information stored on your Windows registry. Also, you must use compatible hardware and software on your system to prevent further damage.


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