ErrorFix Review

Reviewer: Curt Parker
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Product Reviewed: ErrorFix Registry Cleaner


ErrorFix - Click HereErrorFix is a simple registry cleaner. In this case simple isn't actually a bad thing because it's a very useful piece of software. It might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other more popular packages however it does everything that it claims very well. In this case the simplicity of this software is actually a distinct advantage. It's perfectly designed for beginners who don't want to use an application that's too complicated. In this ErrorFix Review we will look at the advantages this application offers over the competition and why you should consider using it.

ErrorFix is designed for use on all modern Windows operating systems including Vista.

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Because the application is very basic the interface is also quite basic. While there is a lack of features compared to many of the leading software packages this is quite easy to use. Most users will not notice this lack of features and will quite enjoy using such a basic piece of software. The only thing that really lets ErrorFix down is that the feature list isn't quite as long as other applications but whether or not this is actually a disadvantage depends on your preferences.

Scanning the Registry

It's very easy to set ErrorFix up to scan your entire registry and it uses a number of steps to take you through the whole process. It makes the process of scanning and cleaning your registry very simple but at the same time quite elegant. Once the scan has completed a list will be returned which features all of the errors which the program believes needs correcting. A nice touch is the ability to manually work your way through the list and choose what you want to accept. It's also possible to click one button and have all of the changes accepted. ErrorFix is more than just a registry cleaner because it's also a useful PC optimization tool.

The registry scan can be completed in as little as five minutes and it detects most errors throughout the registry. Fixing these problems will help you to optimize your computer and speed it up.


ErrorFix does offer a fairly basic backup feature which will only backup your registry. Unlike many of the other tools it doesn't include a restore point feature. However this isn't a major problem because it's possible to do this through windows. It's a good idea to create a system restore point and use the built in backup function for complete peace of mind.

Performance Boost

ErrorFix detects redundant and corrupt entries in your registry and helps to resolve the problem. This optimizes your registry and in turn this makes your computer run quicker. After running ErrorFix and scanning your registry you will notice a vast improvement in your computers speed. You should be able to load applications quicker and your computer should also boot up quicker too.


ErrorFix is a very simple registry cleaning application however this doesn't mean that it's not useful. It's the perfect application for anyone who isn't experienced with computers but still wants to find a way to repair their registry and improve the speed of their computer. Running an application like ErrorFix on a regular basis can help tremendously to speed up and optimize your computer.  I hope you liked this ErrorFix Review.  Click below for more information.


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