5 Tips to Fix a Slow PC

fix slow pcIf you use a computer on a daily basis then you have almost certainly experienced your computer slowing down at some point. Computers all slow down after you have used them for some time and this can be very frustrating. There are a number of ways to fix a slow PC quickly and easily. You don't even have to buy yourself a new computer.

Most of the problems are caused by software which means it's something that you can correct yourself with a little bit of know how.

Cleaning up your computer

Firstly you need to do some general housekeeping on your computer to get rid of any files that you don't need. You can do this yourself by browsing your computer and removing anything that you don't use. It's also a good idea to remove shortcuts from your desktop if you have lots of them because these can cause your computer to be slower when starting up.

You can also use the disk cleanup function, to get this open up my computer. Then right click on your computer's hard drive and select properties. Clicking disk cleanup will help you to scan your computer for things which can be removed safely.

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Virus Scan

The next thing you need to do is scan your computer for viruses. Viruses can cause your computer to be very slow which is why you need to make sure you remove them if you do have any. If you don't already have a virus scanner then this is an essential way to fix a slow PC.

There are lots of different virus scanners available on the Internet. There are even some freeware virus scanners if you don't want to pay for a scanner.

Spyware scan

The next thing that you need to do is scan your computer for spyware. Spyware is a type of malware however it isn't detected by most anti virus applications. This means that you need to purchase a separate spyware scanner. Spyware sits silently in the background spying on your every move.

This means that it's using resources on your computer and causing it to run slowly. By scanning your computer for spyware and removing it you will be able to make your computer work quicker.

fix slow pc

Upgrading hardware

If your computer is still slow after trying all of these things then you might want to consider upgrading your computer's hardware. This isn't difficult and can be done yourself. Adding some extra RAM to your computer is a great way to speed it up and make it work much quicker.

Registry Scanner

Most reasons for slow computers are because of registry problems. Your registry is a vital part of the windows operating system. This is a very big database which stores settings for your computer.
After using a computer for some time the registry will increase in size. This will mean that it takes much longer to search through the registry. It can also contain corrupt entries which make the registry bigger than it needs to be.
A registry scanner is an automated tool which can scan through your registry looking for common errors which need correcting. These are fully automatic tools which are very safe. Not only do they scan your registry but they should also back everything up to ensure that you don't end up losing any information. On this site I have reviewed the most effective and best registry cleaners available.


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