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Reviewer: Curt Parker
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Product Reviewed: Registry Easy Windows Registry Cleaner


registry easy cleaner scannerRegistry Easy is not yet the most popular registry scanner available, but it soon will be with the large number of very positive things going for it. It offers some very nice extra features which make it an attractive proposition and it's also a very functional and responsive piece of software.

Rather than just being marketed as a registry scanner Registry Easy is actually more of an all round system utility which can help your computer in various departments.

Registry Easy is compatible with all Windows Versions after 98, including 2000, XP and Vista. This means that this software is future proof should you decide you need to upgrade your operating system in the future.

A free trial of Registry Easy is available so that you can decide whether or not this is the right utility for your needs. A money back guarantee is also provided in case you aren't happy with the performance of the software.

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The features list for Registry Easy is very impressive and quite long. This is more than just a registry repair utility as it's a complete system maintenance program.


The interface is really attractive and very easy to use. It has a professional feel about it but is also very easy to navigate. It's simple but has all of the features that you could wish for. The buttons are also really big which means that clicking on them is no problem at all. Overall just a very clean layout.

Scanning the Registry

The speed of the Registry Easy registry scan is about the same speed as many other pieces of similar software. This is quite impressive considering the huge list of things that the software looks for.

Once the scan has finished a list of errors will be presented to you. You can then go down the list and the software will tell you what you should do. It's really nice that you can accept individual changes rather than having to accept them all in one go. This means you can go down the list and choose what you want changed, and anything that you want to be left the way it is can be by simply ignoring it.

If you don't want to manually go down the list and choose what you want to be repaired then you can use the auto repair function. This will perform the scan and it will automatically repair any errors that it finds. This means that it's a nice piece of software for beginners and advanced users alike.


When working with the registry, safety is your number one concern. The backup feature offered with Registry Easy is second to none and it's the best I have seen. If you're not careful with some registry cleaners you could end up making your computer worse than before and so you will want to use the restore function.

The backup function on Registry Easy does more than just backup the registry as it also creates a system restore point. This is a really nice feature and something that a lot of other registry cleaning software doesn't provide. This is a very reliable backup utility which will make sure you're never left in deep water.


This is a great all round system management utility because it includes much more than just a registry cleaner. The interface is clean and the extras are really nice. The best thing about this software is the backup feature because this is one of the best around. Even if you're not happy with the software they offer a money back guarantee for piece of mind which is quite reassuring.

Registry Easy is truly the best all around Registry Cleaner I have tested. If you are looking for everything in one package that's still easy to use, then this is the one.  For more information than is provided in this Registry Easy Review just click below.


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