Registry Mechanic Review

Reviewer: Curt Parker
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Product Reviewed: PC Tools Registry Mechanic Mechanic is created by and it's one of the most popular registry cleaners available on the Internet. It's a very easy utility and it is well suited for everyone including beginners. It's so popular because it has a very good reputation at removing and fixing various registry errors.

In the rest of this Registry Mechanic Review we will discuss the effectiveness of registry mechanic and how it can be used to optimize your computers registry and start speeding your computer up. If your computer is grinding to a halt then you might find that running a scan with registry mechanic is very easy and very beneficial.

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It has a really nice interface which is very easy to understand. it's also particularly easy to navigate because of the large buttons. The interface is perfect for both advanced users and beginners. Nobody should have a problem using this registry cleaner to speed up their computer.

When you use Registry Mechanic you will see three different options. You will see optimize registry, compact registry, and of course scan registry. This means that there aren't too many options to get confused with. The software is capable but fairly simple to use.

Scanning the Registry

When it comes to scanning the registry you can choose between a quick or full scan depending on how much time you have. After the scan has completed you will then be given a list of errors which are divided into categories. You can then choose which problems you want to correct and which you want to leave alone. It's really easy to choose the entries that you want fixing because you just need to tick or un-tick the reported problems. You can also click a button to have all of the errors fixed automatically.


Registry Mechanic can make a backup of your computers registry before making any repairs which will mean that should it make a mistake you can easily roll back your computer to a time when it worked as well as it does at the moment. You might be trying to make your computer better but believe it or not you could end up making your computer a whole lots worse. It's not that this is a bad application however the registry is very delicate and it's much better to be safe than sorry. You should also use the system restore feature in windows to make sure you can roll back your computer in case you get into trouble.

Performance Boost

Registry Mechanic is able to identify a large number of problems with your windows registry and will help to correct them. This makes it possible to speed up your computer considerably. After running Registry Mechanic you should notice a great improvement in the speed of your computer. Not only that but it should also boot up quicker and load applications much quicker.


Registry Mechanic is produced by PCTools which is a very well known and respected company. These people can be trusted and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you aren't completely happy with your purchase. PCTools has been around since 1998 and so won't be going anywhere and certainly isn't a fly by night company. The support offered by PCTools for people purchasing registry mechanic is second to none and this is one of the best features.  Click at the bottom of this Registry Mechanic Review for a free scan.



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