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The following Registry Cleaner has already received more great reviews than any other product from a vast majority of PcSuperClean subscribers, I recommend that you check it out:

Regcure Registry Cleaner 

Best Overall Registry Cleaner - RegCure
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RegCure takes top spot in my Best Overall category of Top Registry Cleaners. Developed by legendary ParetoLogic it is probably the best known registry cleaner on the market.  I love this product because it is both comprehensive and easy to use. It optimizes your system for speed as well as removes all of your errors. It's the best of both worlds. RegCure is safe, reliable, offers great support, and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I strongly recommend that you check out RegCure.

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These other top registry cleaners are also VERY good and well worth taking a look at.  I have checked out more than 20 of the top registry cleaners on the market and narrowed it down to the 5 best.  Read on to find the best registry cleaner in each category:

Registry Easy

Best Speed Improvement

Best Speed Improvement - Registry Easy
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Registry Easy Registry Optmizer is gaining a well deserved stellar reputation and has been growing in popularity for quite some time. Battle tested and always up for the challenge its real strength lies in its ability to greatly increase speed and performance of almost any system. Great optimization tool and a great registry cleaner.

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Registry Fix 

Best Error Detection

Best Error Detection - Registry Fix
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Finding errors is where Registry Fix excels. It has 3 scan options (standard, deep, & custom), so you can specify exactly the type of scan you want. Recommended for advanced users only, be sure to backup your data and create a restore point when using deep or custom scan. Its deep scanning ability may find some errors that are best left untouched.

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Best Ease of Use

Best Ease of Use  - ErrorFix
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Although ErrorFix registry cleaner is very simple & basic it gets the job done. What it lacks in features it makes up for in its simplicity and ease of use. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is not comfortable with more advanced software programs or who does not want to make a lot of decisions during their registry clean up process.

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  Registry Mechanic - Click Here

Best Customer Support

Best Customer Support - Registry Mechanic
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Registry Mechanic by PC Tools is renowned for their comprehensive & free customer support. This award winning software is highly recommended by IT professionals world wide. Simple enough for novices yet still highly customizable with enough features for even the most demanding professional. Features good optimzation tools in addition to a great registry cleaner.

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Our Picks for Top Registry Cleaners and Why

Everyone needs to use a computer these days however few people actually understand how they work. Even fewer people know how to fix problems if they ever encounter any. The problem with computers is that they aren't really that reliable and can actually suffer from a number of problems. If anything happens with your computer you don't even know how to sort it out. As we all need to use computers, it's important that we spend time learning how to correct these problems. This is why many people are interested in learning about top registry cleaners.

What is the registry

The windows registry is a vital part of your computer. It's like the central nervous system of your computer because it stores all of your computers settings and information. This is the main store of operating instructions and control programming in your computer. Whenever you install anything or do anything on your computer your registry will be modified. You will want to find the top registry cleaners so that you can get the very best results with the minimum risk.

The health of your windows registry is very important as it affects the speed of your computer. After using your computer for a considerable length of time your registry will fill up with spy ware, malware and adware. All of this clutters up your computer and causes damage to the computer.

Using a Registry Scanner

Registry scanners can be used to search through your windows registry. It will then identify any corrupt or empty keys. The software will then help you to remove all of these unnecessary keys so that you can make your registry much smaller in size. This should speed your computer up because it doesn't have to search through as many things.

A registry scanner is a fully automatic tool which can be used to root out these unnecessary registry entries without having to do anything manually. It would be possible to do it yourself using regedit however this is not only time consuming but it's also very dangerous.

Choosing Registry Scanning Software

When choosing a piece of registry scanning software it is important that you choose one that is compatible with your operating system. There are a number of different types of registry scanners, some are created for XP while others are created for Vista or earlier versions of windows.

It's also very important that you choose a piece of software which also features backup and restore functions. Nothing is perfect and there is always a chance that this registry cleaner will make the problem worse. By choosing one which backs up your registry and computer you are able to restore everything should you have a problem. This makes it possible to restore your computer to its original settings should anything go wrong.

It is also a good idea to choose a scanner which can not only delete empty keys but also correct corrupt keys. This can either be an automatic or manual process depending on your preferences and the software in question.

The very best solutions for registry scanners will offer users lots of options. They have many more features other than just scanning your registry for errors. Many will also offer a scanner to remove unwanted files, and defragmentation tools. This will be a complete tool which will provide you with many benefits.  All 5 of the top registry cleaners listed above are the best in each category and have been picked to make your job much easier when choosing registry scanning software for your computer.  Click on one of the top registry cleaners listed above for more information.