Do You Need a PC Tune Up?

regcure registry cleanerPC's don't always work very quickly in fact there are a number of problems which can affect the users of computers. If your computer has recently started to slow down or lock up frequently then your PC might be in need of a tune up. PC Tune up software can help you to correct the errors and get your computer working at full speed once again.

There are a number of different steps that you can do to tune up your computer and get it working quickly again.

Anti virus

If your computer is suffering from a virus then you will need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Viruses are malicious computer programs designed to slow down your computer and cause it to lock up. Viruses can drastically affect the speed of your computer which is why it's essential that you scan your computer frequently for viruses.

If you don't have a virus scanner already then make sure you get one. There are plenty of virus scanners which can be downloaded; there are even some free anti virus scanners so you really have no excuse. Having a virus scanner isn't enough because you also need to keep it updated so that it can detect all of the latest threats.


Spyware is another type of malicious computer program. These are a type of computer virus by definition however cannot always be detected by virus scanners. It's important to get a dedicated spyware scanner and run it on a regular basis. Spyware and adware can cripple your computer and cause it to grind to a halt.

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The data stored on your hard drive can become fragmented which can slow the computer down. Often data is stored in blocks in different places across the disk and this means that when your computer is accessing this data it must jump around searching for it. If you run the defragmentation function then the computer will sort out all of the information and put the data together.

There is a defragmentation utility which is included with windows to make your PC tune up project easier than it would otherwise be.


If your computer accesses the Internet then it is essential that you get yourself a firewall. Although this will not speed up your computer, it will prevent you getting hacked into or contracting viruses which will stop your computer from getting slower in the future.

Registry Cleaner

Perhaps the best way to speed up your computer is to run a registry scan or PC tune up. See our Best Registry Cleaners section.  Your windows registry is a huge database which contains lots of information about your computer. Over time your registry increases in size which means it takes longer for your computer to find the information it is looking for.

Running a registry cleaner can help to optimize your computer and speed it up. Registry repair scanners will search for any errors and put them right so that they can't slow your computer down. If you run this software then you should notice an instant improvement in the speed of your computer.

Tuning up windows isn't really that difficult and it's certainly worth the investment of your time. You should already have a firewall and virus scanner anyway. These are essential. A registry scanner isn't expensive and will make a big difference to your computer. A word of warning though, whatever you do make sure that you back everything up to protect your data.