How to Repair a System32 Error

regcureA Computer System32 Error Explained

Computers can be quite intimidating to many people who don’t understand that it is just a tool to be used to carry out different functions. The computer does what you tell it to do and nothing else.

Understanding the functions may take more than going on a test drive of the computer system. It may be complex enough to require knowledge and education.  If you are short on time take a quick glance at our top rated registry cleaner

Windows is generally the main operating system used by many computers. The System32 that is located on a computer is an important part of the Windows operating platform. It consists of various system files that are necessary for Windows to run effectively. The directory malfunctions when files are corrupted and data gets lost. This creates a System32 error.

For anyone not familiar with system files, it is best not to go into the C: drive and try to delete anything or you may delete something erroneously. The System32 directory is located in C:\windows folder and it contains all of the important Windows files that are necessary to effectively operate a computer system, as well as any system32 errors that may be causing you problems.

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When Changes Are Made and Errors Occur

If you were to make any changes to your Windows files or documents; install a program; uninstall a program or download new program applications, the same changes will be made in the system32 folder.

With as many of the changes indicated above that are made to the directory, problems can arise that will result in a system32 error. Fatal errors may result from computer viruses and malicious software. This will result in computer freezes, software failure and slow running of your computer. 

If you find that your computer is running slow and you have to wait longer than usual to open a file or access the internet, you might need a performance check of your system files.

Each error may require a different solution and may not be simple to correct when done manually. You will not experience any errors in the directory by itself unless the directory is erased. However, if you receive an System32 error from the directory, it may be from an individual file. 

The computer should be set up beforehand to allow you to view the system files and any hidden files. You can resolve this issue and find the errors by:

* Going to the Start Menu at the bottom of your computer screen
* Go to “My Computer”
* Go to the Tools Menu and click on Folder and then the Click on the tab that
   reads, "View".       
* Scroll down to find the heading “hidden files.” Click on “show hidden files.”

It is recommended that you uncheck the box that is labeled, “Hide protected operating system files.”

* Click on the “Yes,” button and then OK to confirm.

At this point, you should now be able to access all the files on your system and in your system directory. Use the search button on the Start menu to find the files that have the system32 error or corruption because most of the files will not have distinguishable names and you might erase the wrong one.

system32 error

Clean Up Your Computer

You can run a clean up from your computer. This is necessary when you are unable to find existing files within the directory. To run this clean up, you would:

* Click on the “Start,” menu
* Go to “All programs.”
* Click on Accessories
* Click on System Tools
* Select the tab that reads “Disk Clean Up.”

Your system will be quickly scanned for files that are weighing your computer down and you will be able to delete all files that are of no importance to you and keep the ones that you want.  


There are also recommended and effective software solutions to cleaning your system32 directory such as a registry cleaner. For the most part, though, you can perform these simple task discussed above to allow your computer to perform much better.   If you do decide to use a registry cleaner make sure it is of the highest quality available.


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