What Causes a Registry Key Error?

registry key errorIf you run windows then the windows registry is an important part of your system. The registry has been an integral part of the windows operating system ever since windows 95. It's important to understand the effects that a registry key error can have on your computer. The registry is very important and even tiny errors can completely break your computer.

What is the Registry

The registry is a very important part of your computer. It's a database which is where all your computer settings are stored. Every time you install an application or do anything with your computer the registry is checked. The registry tells you everything that your computer needs to know.

The registry is like a huge database or storage area which stores various settings and detailed instructions. Whenever you do anything with your computer it will automatically search through this database to find out what it should do. The registry contains information about the hardware and software installed in your computer.

Registry Errors

Any registry key error can affect the speed at which your computer runs. If your registry has errors or is oversized then it will take longer for your computer to search through it. This in turn means that it takes longer for your computer to do anything. There are a number of ways that registry errors can be caused and it's important to understand each one of these so that you can put the problem right.

A Registry Key Error can cause problems with your computer and these don't only slow your computer down. These registry errors can also cause computer errors and computer lockups. If you have ever experienced a blue screen of death, computer error, or system32 error then this could be a result of a registry error.

The registry is very complex and it's very easy to get errors in it. There are so many different applications which interact with the registry that it's extremely common.

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What Causes Errors

These errors can be caused by a number of different things. Every time you install a new application on your computer it will automatically add entries to your registry. Whenever you uninstall applications the uninstall feature should remove the entries from the registry. However quite often the uninstall feature doesn't actually manage to remove everything.

If any registry keys are left in tact in your registry then it will make your registry much bigger than it has to be. This in turn will slow your computer down.

Fixing Registry Key Errors

If you have any errors in your registry then it's important that you fix it up as quickly as possible. Repairing these errors isn't actually that difficult. Trying to repair these errors by hand is possible however it's very dangerous. 

A much better solution is using an automated registry scanner. See the Top Registry Cleaners comparison.  Registry cleaner software can search through the windows registry and identify any keys which can be cleaned up. By cleaning out the unnecessary keys from your registry it's possible to streamline it. This will speed your computer up and make it work much quicker.

Hopefully now by understanding what causes a registry key error and how to correct these errors you can speed your computer up and make it much more reliable. Computers must be reliable and using a registry scanner is one way to improving their reliability.

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